Digital Subscription



Digital subscription gets you access to over 20 years of TANK's archive and for subscribers in the UK and Ireland. it also includes TankTv, a brand new streaming service showing the best of independent and foreign-language cinema. Showing 4 seasons throughout the year to coincide with the 4 issues of the magazine, each season will feature a collection of ten films, each one available to stream on any device for a period of one week. That's 4 films each month for just £3. The collections are selected by guest curators and will be accompanied by original editorial content written by TANK. No more mindless scrolling, just the films you need to furnish the mind and nurture the soul.

What's included

  • £3/month
  • Membership to TankTv and 40+ films a year*
  • Free tickets to TankTv screenings*
  • Unlimited access to 20+ years of Tank magazine
  • Free tickets to Tank magazine events
  • First month free and cancel anytime

*only for subscribers in the UK and Ireland