Issue 3. Never MINED


Never MINED takes on the spirit of craft and combines it with the Sex Pistol's now classic retort, "Never mind the bollocks". In a culture dominated by consumption, MINED is for production. The issue reaches out to makers as the real originators. It wants to make a maker out of everyone because it believes that everyone is an original. Uniquely, this magazine invites you to define yourself not by what you consume, but by what you can create. In the process of origination and manufacture, you sometimes succeed, sometimes fail, but always gain, because it's the process that's enriching - and necessarily the end result. Real failure is failing to try.

Read, and craft, stories such as Recycle or Die by Malu Halasa; Thread Carefully by Marie O'Conner;Smith Craft and Craft Works by Alison Whelan; Shumon Basar on the Frank Gehry Studio; and the Cost of Living by Studio Camilla Santi.

Published in May 2001.

MINED, a palindrome of the word ‘denim’, was a biannual collectable publication created by Tank for Levi’s RED.

The publication won the D&AD Yellow Pencil Editorial and Book Design Award in 2002.