Travel, Winter 2021

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The Travel issue, Winter 2021 from TANK Magazine.

As the world tentatively reopens to travel, calls for a “return to normal” have been drowned out by the urgent siren call of unsustainable consumption and imminent climate disaster. The scope of our world contracted over lockdown, but our attention was trained more than ever on global crises beyond our borders. As individuals increasingly look to digital universes for community and escape, how might travel be reinvented and repurposed to serve this new post-Covid era?

For Resort 2022, we take the latest collections to Paris and upstate New York while Gucci and Fila celebrate major anniversaries. Tao Lin asks how we descended into today’s dominator culture, Tianzhuo Chen glimpses extinction on the Tibetan Plateau while Louis Rogers considers the lobster on England’s south coast. Photographer duo Elsa & Johanna play dress up in Germany’s Moormerland, Jonas Bendiksen is in Veles, North Macedonia and Destiny Deacon merges tragedy and comedy at the National Gallery of Victoria.