Need a t-shirt to call forth feelings of a meta, capitalist market society? Here you have it. Labelled accordingly with the scattered TANK price tag,  this t-shirt's worth is up for discussion. Whether you are keen to make a statement whilst you tag goods in your local Lidl or if you just needed a new shirt to keep you cool (in more ways than one) this summer, our meta t-shirt is self-referential in its nod to consumer culture and should you fancy popping this number in your basket, you too can join the meta revolution! (for the small fee of £25).


  • Grey, Unisex “Tag” T-Shirt, 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester

  • Chest: 51cm 

  • Centre back: 69cm

  • Shoulder to Shoulder: 45cm

  • Sleeve: 19cm