Tank "Shopper" Tote bag


Forget about the old Shakespearean quirk of the play within a play - here at TANK we are all about the bag within a bag… within a basket - or at least it will be when you add this canvas shopper to your intangible, metaphysical, online basket. We’d like to think this is a piece Rene Magritte would have been proud of with his old classic “Ce ne pas une Pipe” put to good use once more. So, take your bag, featuring a treacherous image of a bag-that-is-not-a-bag and wow the compostable sack clutching eco warriors with something a little less down to earth and a little more up in surreal space…  


  • Cream canvas bag, with printed image on the front

  • 41cm x 38cm x 8cm

  • Handles: 14cm

  • 100% natural cotton