The Ruritania Issue. Spring 2019


Compounded by the housing crisis, the retreat from the urban way of life holds an increasing allure for the precarious generations in Britain. But what would happen if you actually escaped to the country? This issue of TANK challenges our idealisation of the rural and looks at the ways the pastoral is still at work in politics.

  • German philosopher and film-maker Alexander Kluge discusses opera and his book Temple of the Scapegoat

  • Artist Eva Stenram interprets Anthony Vaccarello's Saint Laurent with Dadaist découpé

  • Philippa Snow on the cinema of Lars von Trier and Michael Pearce

  • Joe Kennedy questions whether the English political left has abandoned the countryside to the forces of reaction

  • Architect and theorist Liam Young visits the vast, empty data centres of Silicon Valley's tech giants

  • Interviews with Owen Hatherley, André AcimanNatasha Stagg and Jenna Sutela