The Travel Issue. Winter 2015


This issue of Tank is the start of a series of regular winter issues dedicated to another idea of travel. Less packaged, less predictable, with fewer certainties, we bring you a little of the world not filtered by Instagram. A bit more deserving of consideration, perhaps. Bruce Chatwin, who hated being called a travel writer, is our travel guide. We are guided by him to start and end our journeys with questions, rather than requiring our travels to provide us with answers. 

Tod Wodicka takes on travel writing and vengeance on the Côte d'Azur, Mary Wellesley goes in search of Mustique's ignored history, and Fatima Bhuto returns to her mother's home town of Beirut, Lebanon. We also travel to Nairobi with local Elsie Njeri as our guide around the streets and museums of Kenya's capital. We explore the Parajanov Museum in Yerevan and the kaleidoscopic collages of film director Sergei Parajanoc, as well as the curious travels of Raymond Rousell, the avant-garde writer and voyager of the imagination. We also talk to the likes of Rachel Rose, Jeremy Harding, Ruther Bhar, Lawrence Lek, Oliver Coates and Peter Frankopan.