The Travel Issue. Winter 2016


As we look out onto a world obsessed with divisions, walls and isolationism, it seems more important than ever to think about how we travel. So we sent some of our best contributors to report on a world that seems to be breaking apart.

From the lakeside bars and hotels of northern Michigan, to the parks and streets of Zurich; from the world’s largest trans conference in Florida, to the bizarre Land of Legends theme park in southern Turkey; from spectres of history in the Italian city of Salò, to the beauty of the mountains above Cape Town, this issue celebrates the strangeness, fantasy and reality of our fractured world, through the eyes of some of our favourite writers and photographers. We are proud to feature the work of Tod Wodicka, Natasha Stallard, CG Watkins and Owen Hatherley, and interviews with such luminaries as Margo Jefferson, Stuart Elden and Miranda July among many, many others. 




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